I'm Tammie Denyse.

I want to connect, and I feel my calling is to reach people with a message of hope. I believe that love will light the path, and we need to use our power and walk down that path together. I am ready. Let's go.

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I am honored to share my story, inspire your group or organization, and spread the power of hope. Let's connect.



I am an ordained minister, associate pastor at Center of Praise Ministries, and currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry with a concentration in Transformational Leadership: Womanist Theological Approaches. . Let's connect.


breast health expert

I am clear beyond a shadow of doubt that not only have I been called by God to support, encourage and inspire hope in women diagnosed with breast cancer, but my life was saved to be an advocate and a voice for women who look like me. Find out more about my non-profit organization Carrie's Touch, or connect with me to speak, lead, or talk about living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Read my published research paper, The Unmet Needs of African American Women with Breast Cancer”.



So many times in life we need a little more support -- and sometimes that is outside our circle of friends. Bring me into your circle and I can help guide you to finding your strength, your hope, yourself. Let's connect.